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Golfer's Diary CD-ROM

This amazing computer software provides the golfer with details on over 17,000 courses across the United States and Canada. It allows you to record and analyze all of your important golf statistics and provides you with links to hundreds of golf web sites. There is no better software package available for the avid golfer! CD-ROM, compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT $29.95


Robert Trent Jones, Jr. Screen Saver and Mouse Pad

Tour 18 of Robert Trent Jones, Jr.'s spectacular golf courses from around the world, right on your computer screen! With more than 75 exclusive images, its every golfer's dream! CD-ROM, compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT $24.95



The Ultimate CD-ROM Golf Course Directory and Street Atlas to over 20,000 Courses! $29.95

Drive! is a CD-ROM with a detailed listing of more than 17,000 golf courses in the United States and Canada. Drive! includes course details and a complete nationwide road atlas pinpointing the location of each course – public and private.

  • Search for courses to fit your preferences
  • See more than 100 details on 17,000 courses nationwide
  • Compute the best travel route between any two points
  • See courses displayed on the onscreen street atlas
  • Access travel directions for every golf course listed
  • Print maps and course details to take on the road
  • Add your own course notes and observations
  • Locate any street address in the USA
  • Keep a convenient list of your favorite golf courses
  • Search through over 1,400 courses in Canada


Handicalc® Performance Tracker™

is available on CD-ROM. Performance Tracker runs on Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. $39.95

Handicalc products have an easy user interface that makes navigating the program very easy to learn and use. Just click on the icon to add golfers, courses and scores.

Entering scores is quick and easy - just select the golfer and add the score. Golf scores may be entered hole-by-hole or as gross scores. If you input hole-by-hole scores, Handicalc will determine birdies, pars, bogeys and other valuable stats. The program totals your score as you input the data.

The Handicalc Stats Card lets you input your putts and fairways hit. Handicalc automatically determines greens hit in regulation based on the score, par of the hole and the number of putts for the hole. Sand saves and penalty strokes can also be tracked.

Handicalc comes with a complete array of statistical analysis charts and graphs to help you pinpoint those areas of your game that need improvement. You can select scores for analysis by course played, date range and other criteria. After entering a score, you can analyze how you played in relation to prior scores that you have entered.

You can calculate your handicap at any point in time and look for trends on how you play at different times.

Handicalc comes with numerous reports that make communicating with other members of your golf group easy and fun.

Other Features

  • Unlimited Courses, Tees may be entered
  • Automatic Backup Feature to protect your valuable data
  • Built-in on-line help system
  • Unlimited number of scores may be entered.
  • Handicapping formula may be customized to your own specifications


Peter Jacobsen's Golden Tee Golf

Ranked in the top 5 most-played video games by Replay and Play Meter magazines for 19 consecutive months (since May, 1996), and for nearly two-thirds of that time Golden Tee dominated the #1 or #2 standings.  Golden Tee Golf has been presented with the Most Played Video Game of its Class, Operators Choice Award, Platinum Achievement Award, and Video Game Manufacturer of the Year.

Includes special effects such as fog, reflection, and multi-layered shadows.  Includes detailed golfer art of PGA pro Peter Jacobsen, utilizing dozens of animated reaction sequences.

With the Exclusive iTalk technology, it allows real time voice chat with other players!

You will enjoy the three beautifully rendered 18 hold courses in a variety of diverse game environments.  See for yourself why this is an all-time golf arcade game favorite! $19.95