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Sandsaver Practice Mat

Here is the newest practice mat on the market! One of the only mats around that lets you practice those nasty sand shots. The Sandsaver allows you to hit bunker shots from the convenience of you own home. You can practice uphill, downhill, burried, and fairway bunker shots. The mat also allows you to tee it up, or strike iron shots. The unique Sandsaver uses real sand and the pit is 2.5" deep placing your feet below the sand just like a true sand shot. The Sandsaver uses real sand giving you exact feedback. The mat is completely portable, weighing only five pounds, allowing you to hit into a net in your backyard or practice at your local park. All you need to do is add sand and hit! You be racking up sand saves before you know it! $49.95


Big Moss Putting Greens

The average golfer putts 35-40 times in a round of golf. The Big Moss putting greens allow you to practice this crucial part of your game at any time you desire! We've seen putting surfaces come and go and have never such a high quality product at such an affordable price! Imagine a beautiful, realistic putting green waiting for you any time you want to practice, right in your family room, living room, den or office! Big Moss putting greens are not those strips of synthetic turf you can find at any golf outlet, they are professional grade premium nylon. The combination of an extremely smooth surface and a specially designed dense foam foundation gives the most realistic "true roll" you will find. Big Moss™ putting greens are completely portable, virtually indestructible, include padded "Break Snakes" to vary your putting breaks, and are hand made right here in the USA! Find the size that fits your budget or room size and get ready to be a more confident putter in no time! The General (Catalog Code: 71003) and the Admiral (#71004) include a free chipping mat. All sizes with adjustable break snakes to allow you to practice those tricky breaking putts!

   The Original 3' x 9' (1 cup) $189.95

   The Augusta 4' x 12' (2 cups) $289.95

    The General 6' x 12' (3 cups) $459.95


golf training aids show the golfer where corrections need to be made to his or her swing. Lazereyes will enable you to observe your own or your student's imperfections instantly. Golf training aids in the past have never given the golfer such an overall and immediate view of of his or her swing.

Golf is not just a mental game, you achieve competence by repetitive drilling. Professionals got there with training and practice. But you have to know what you're doing right and what you are doing wrong. Lazereyes golf training aids will help you as a player or as an instructor detect the correctness and incorrectness of ones swing.

The new patent pending dual lasers light an instant and continuous swing path that allows you to see the path and angles of your swing at address, takeaway, top position, downswing, impact, follow through and can even be used on your putting line. Our golf training aids can be used with any takeaway or downswing school of thought. Lazereyes puts certainty into your swing allowing perfect contact with the ball, which will improve your game big time!

The lasers in our golf training aids aren't going to melt the buttons off your shirt or burn a hole in the floor. For those of you interested in this sort of thing the laser light is the red band of the sunlight spectrum. Lazereyes "complies with FDA radiation performances standard, 21 CFR subchapter J" and has been tested extensively for safety.

Lazereyes has a solid metal head for weighting (just like golf clubs), a brand name steel shaft and rubber grip. The dual lasers are powered by two AA batteries that are fitted within the shaft along with the lasers. These lasers point in opposite directions, one down the shaft and the other laser points out the top of the grip giving the golfer a continuous view of his or her swing. It also has a light touch on/off pressure sensitive switch on the grip so that the hand at the end of the grip controls the on/off function easily. It couldn't be simpler. $99.95



Finally, there is a putting and chipping trainer on the market that will allow a golfer to achieve total focus and concentration when addressing the golf ball.

Introducing "Nytevision" Golf Concentration Technology. This patent pending putting and chipping trainer was designed to be used in a dark environment. Through the use of phosphoretic materials with activators (glow in the dark), the golf enthusiast can now concentrate on improving their golf game without any visible distractions. The golf balls illuminate two dots on each side of the logo. The putting cup has a phosphoretic band inserted in the regulation size cup. A glow in the dark alignment label is applied to any putter or club currently available in the market today. All for the low cost of $49.95

The golfer will experience a unique concentration habit when using our system. Aligning the label behind the golf ball and putting the ball into an illuminated putting cup in the total darkness is a awesome challenge at any putting distance. After using "Nytevision" for a short period of time any golfer will be able to realize the incredible improvement in their focus ability. This enhanced ability can be taken to the golf course or driving range and subconsciously transferred to improved ball striking and putting effectiveness. What an inexpensive and fun way to improve the most important aspect of your golf game. Give our system a try and let us know what its done for you or the golfer in your life.

  • What a great Christmas or Birthday Gift !!
  • A fun activity for the kid in the family! (No more boring slumber parties)
  • A beautifully crafted product for display in any office!

Instruction Video on cd-rom by golf professional Mike Marak is included in your package. Video cassette is also available.



Al Geiberger, Mr. 59 says: "For ten years, I've used the AMAZING ASSIST to improve my game. The ASSIST will terminate your slice and automatically improve your swing."

Join thousands who use the ASSIST, and experience the thrill of better golf with longer, more accurate shots, and lower scores.

The patented ASSIST, with its precision bent shaft, exaggerates the release with a force 16 times greater than a 6 iron to teach the correct hand action for longer straighter shots. Plus it eliminates slicing.

The ASSIST is the world's best selling swing trainer with hundreds of thousands in use by PGA, Senior PGA, and LPGA touring pros, as well as golf schools, universities, and amateurs of all skill levels.

Whether you're at home, in the office, or at the range, swinging the Amazing ASSIST a few minutes each day makes golf easy and enjoyable. The ASSIST comes with instructions written by a PGA Teaching Professional. $69.95



Perfect practice is when you can accurately replicate the conditions of a real situation, to gain realistic experience practicing a situation anytime, anywhere. Making putting perfect is the goal of all golfers because putting is so important to the game of Golf.

PUTTGOLF™ is a 4’ x 10’ portable practice putting green. It gives you the real feel of standing, putting and experiencing the difficult contours of a championship putting green. The green consists of an adjustable weight-bearing platform, seamlessly integrated into the body of the green.

PUTTGOLF™ has 12 adjustment controls, which alter the contour and slope of the green according to architectural green design standards. You may set the field and platform to any programmed setting. Each setting simulates putting into contours identical to those encountered on a real golf green. With PUTTGOLF you take control. By altering the contour of the green, you alter the break the ball will follow (the term break refers to the downward slope of a given area of a green, which the path of a ball will naturally follow).

PUTTGOLF™ has an EASY-ROLLä putting surface (has a consistent stimpmeter rating of 9-10) that has been developed exclusively for PUTTGOLF™. The surface has true to life color, durability and ball-roll characteristics no other product can match. Once a programmed contour is set, you step onto the platform and experience real-life putting. PUTTGOLF™’s combination of contour, slope and ‘break’ characteristics allow you to practice and improve your putting, unlike any other practice putting green in the world!

PUTTGOLF™ engaged Nugent Golf Associates, an award-winning, internationally recognized golf course architectural and development firm, know for its work at Kemper Lakes, Harborside International, Seven Bridges and Dunes Club to name a few. Nugent designed critical contour and slope parameters for PUTTGOLF™.

PUTTGOLF™ offers you an unlimited number of contours that simulate a wide range of contours and slope conditions encountered on championship putting greens. Contours can easily be changed in 60 seconds or less. $699.00