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Golf Dirty Tricks

Oh yes you CAN win a game of golf! It’s simple - cheat! Here’s the key to your success! A hilarious book that includes 50 different ways to lie, cheat and steal your way to victory! Nifty little hints to help you add to your opponent’s score and shave a few off yours! And as a bonus, you receive the props for Golf Dirty Trick #1—the flat top tee! If they can’t tee up, they can’t tee off! Get the idea now? $9.95


3-Pak Gag Golf Balls

For a magical, memorable day on the course, do something a little daring! Play with these balls made especially for golfers who like to laugh! You get the Exploder—which needs little explanation—one hit and PUFF! A cloud of smoke is all you get on that stroke! Next there’s the Un-putt-a-ball! It zigs, it zags, it skids, it gyrates—it does everything but what you expect! And for the grand finale, pull out the Jet Streamer! It’ll fly across the green like magic! Under par? We doubt it. Hilarious? You know it! $9.95


Got Balls Cap

Two plastic golf balls flop about on springs up above your head. Certain to become a new favorite hat for many golfers, this one features a plastic adjustment band on the back to ensure it fits everyone. $19.99


On The Green Cap

A fun gift for any golfer, this cap features real Astroturf on the bill! A plastic golf ball is positioned right next to the hole, all geared up for the perfect putt. A plastic adjustment strap ensures one size fits all. $19.99


Golf Dreads Hat

The avid golfer knows what the rest of us don't - that playing the sport offers a natural high that's not to be beat! Our hat celebrates this fact with it's very own dreads, man! Hat is made of 100% cotton. A fun gift for any golf hero! $24.99


Piddle Putter

Since you spend so much time in the bathroom these days, you may be able to improve your golf skills in there! This kit comes with everything you need to putt while you’re on the pot! $24.99


Golf Balls – Oh No – 50

Fore! LOOK OUT! Old guy or gal playing through! This 3-pack of black balls perfectly expresses the feelings (and the age!) of the poor old putter! They’re a little harder to see on the green, but then again, isn’t everything these days? $9.99


Psychic Golf Ball

Who says you have to be a pool shark to tell the future! Move over Mr. 8-Ball—here’s the Psychic Golf Ball—the putter’s choice in know-it-all-balls! This exciting sport-loving golf ball shaped oracle can ease the pain of making those tough day-to-day decisions—both on and off the green! Just ask the question du jour, roll it around in your hands and BAM—there’s your answer! $14.99


Homer Simpson™ Golf Head Cover

Relive your favorite Simpson™ moments as you hear Homer™ scream "D'Oh!" out of your golf bag. He requires 3 AAA batteries (included) and measures 14" tall. $39.99


Singing Talking Golf Bag

Surprise your favorite golf player with our hysterical singin' and swingin' golf bag. Clap your hands to hear one of three tunes, including "Chip to the green, you hacker", and exasperated phases like "Nice shot! Did ya' bring your hip waders?!?!". 7 1/2" tall Chip requires 2 AA batteries to do his thing (not included). $19.99