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The digital golf scorecard, offers the same convenience and simplicity of a traditional paper scorecard, while expanding its use to in-depth game analysis. Not only can Caddy4X store 20 rounds, 10 courses, and scores for up to four players, it is so easy to use. Caddy4X clips to your belt and does not interfere with your swing. It distinguishes itself amongst its competitors first with the large display despite its small size. The unit weighs only 2.5 ounces, but the screen displays three holes at a time for four players, with convenient scanning capability to quickly view the entire "scorecard." This self-explanatory display shows not only the scores under the relevant hole number, but also the par and hole handicap information. Additionally, five different kinds of totals are available at the press of a button: current subtotal, front 9, back 9, gross, and net.

Although Caddy4X can keep track of four players, its real value is manifested during one player game analysis. Instead of simply counting the number of strokes per hole, you can use Caddy4X to break down the types of shots you make. Caddy4X will delineate full swing shots, adjustment shots (such as chips, pitches, sand, etc.), and putts.

Caddy4X also separates itself from the competition with the unique ability to download information to your computer with CaddyLINKER, the custom-designed cable.'s proprietary software, CaddyLYZER, provides a wide array of statistics and analyses to further explore your golf game.



Caddy4X differentiates itself from other scorekeepers with its ability to download information to your computer with CaddyLINKER. CaddyLINKER is a custom-designed cable that connects your Caddy4X to your PC (Windows OS) via the RS232C port. It even has its own battery to save the battery life of your Caddy4X.'s proprietary software, CaddyLYZER provides detailed game analysis. To view statistics of your game, download the data in Caddy4X to your PC with CaddyLINKER. A matrix of every hole in the course, including pars and handicaps is available. The front 9, back 9, gross, and net totals are also accessible for each player. From greens in regulation to par saves, CaddyLYZER calculates several different statistics. CaddyLYZER determines the percentage of albatrosses, eagles, birdies, pars, all types of bogeys, as well as the average score of all games. The number and percentages of each type of swing is also broken down.

You can even download our upgrade, CaddyLYZER II for FREE at right now!

Calculate your handicap, your Stableford scores, and much more with CaddyLYZER II. Now available!!!

CaddyLYZER and CaddyLINKER are sold together for only $29.95. To use CaddyLYZER II software, you need CaddyLINKER.


The Stat Tracker™ II G-100

is the first hand-held computer designed specifically for golf. The G-100 will deliver the detailed information you need to improve your game and lower your score.

The palm-sized Stat Tracker™ II G-100 allows you to quickly enter, review and revise all of golf’s critical scoring information through a simple, easy-to-use 5-button interface. By tracking and incorporating valuable statistical information you will know where to focus your efforts, when to increase your concentration, and how to improve your overall game.

The G-100 stores the entered data, computes the numbers and percentages, and presents your results anytime, anywhere – instantly.

The easy-to-learn and operate program allows players to enter the following important statistics during their round:

  • Drives-In-Fairway
  • Driving Distance
  • Greens-In-Regulation
  • Up & Downs
  • Sand Saves
  • Total Putts
  • Penalty Strokes
  • Score

The Stat Tracker™ II G-100 computes, displays and stores the entered data as totals and percentages. You can review your ‘stats’, as well as your playing partners, hole-by-hole, by completed round, or by date. With the G-100, you can keep track of your statistical performance during the round, enabling you to make important scoring adjustments to your game – before it is too late!

The Stat Tracker™ II G-100 automatically presents these ‘totaled’ calculations for 1 to 4 players from the hole-by-hole ‘stats’ entered:

  • Total # and % of Drives-In-Fairway
  • Average Driving Distance
  • Total # and % of Greens-In-Regulation
  • Total # and % of Up & Downs
  • Total # and % of Sand Saves
  • Total # of Putts
  • Average # of Putts-per-Hole
  • Total # and Average GIR Putts
  • Total # of Penalties
  • Total Score

The Stat Tracker™ II G-100 allows you to view your statistics Hole-by-Hole, Player-by-Player, Round-by-Round, as a Total History, or download the information into a PC for greater statistical detail through the built-in Dataport and the Stat Saver II™ Analysis Software (sold separately). $99.95


Stat Saver.gif (14024 bytes)Stat Saver II™ Analysis Software

If you want to fully understand your golf game, the Stat Saver™ II Analysis Software is a natural playing partner to the Stat Tracker™ II.

Stat Saver™ II software will bring your golf statistics to life and present even greater detail to your scoring information. This Windows® based program will provide you with the cold, hard facts about your game so you can truly understand where each and every stroke comes from. If you want to lower your score, you need to know where strokes are being wasted.

Once the Stat Saver™ II program has been installed into your PC, it can then receive the stored data from the G-100 through the Stat Cable. One end plugs into the G-100's Dataport with the other connecting to the back of the PC. Once your PC receives the information from your G-100, you can now run a multitude of sorts and reports, and view your results as colored graphs and charts for an unlimited number of players and rounds.

The Stat Saver™ II allows you to:

  •  attach names and established handicap to each Player ID
  •  enter course information with course name, par, slope & rating by tee
  •  enter your adjusted score
  •  keep a lifetime history of 10 key golf statistics
  •  review results in a spreadsheet or as a bar graph
  •  establish, review and revise personal statistical category goals
  •  compare results to goals; chart and examine scoring trends
  •  compare hole-by-hole and round-by-round data
  •  track results by course
  •  track an unofficial handicap
  •  print out reports, charts and graphs in color

The Stat Saver™ II Analysis Software brings the Stat Tracker™ II G-100's stats to life. You can quickly and easily download your saved rounds into your PC at home or the office.

With Stat Saver™ II you can run detailed sorts and reports that will bring focus to your games strengths and weaknesses. The charts, graphs and spreadsheets will present the information so you understand your game more clearly. You can also establish personal goals for each statistical category and the Stat Saver™ II will automatically calculate your progress and present the results to you. Stat Saver™ II also allows you to enter course ratings, slopes and adjusted scores to track an unofficial handicap.

By downloading your stats into the Stat Saver™ II Analysis Software, you can delete your oldest rounds from the Stat Tracker™ II G-100 to free up more memory. $29.95