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                                                            New golf club's secret metal

                                                            hits too far on some par 4's.



YALESVILLE, CT-- A once-secret metal used to penetrate enemy armor is now helping golfers hit very long shots. The metal-- a combination of ceramic, tungsten and four other materials-- was necessary because steel and titanium are too soft to pierce modern-day armor.

Now, an ex-Navy engineer working with a small golf company in Connecticut has applied the metal to the face of a driver, and some strong golfers are hitting shots so far they have to use the 3-wood on par-4's to avoid over-hitting the green. You may not do as well, but these stories will help tell you understand how powerful this club is.

A golfer in California, after 40 years of golf, won his first long-ball contest using the club. Another shot his first sub-par round in 20 years. A golfer handicapped with an artificial leg out-hit his pro with a 320-yard drive and cut six strokes off his score.

At a driving range, a golfer using the new club was hitting the ball so far others had to try it. They all out-hit their own driver, including a young man who had just bought a new $400.00 titanium driver.

A PGA professional who played a round with the new driver told me he had to use the 3-wood on 300 to 330-yard holes to keep the ball from flying over the green. Another golfer, a long hitter, hit a 420-yard tee-shot. That exceeds the average drive on the PGA Tour by over 150 yards.

Another golfer hit shots so hard he split a balata ball and a Surlyn-covered Titleist. He destroyed two balls, but he won two long-ball contest.

A Director of the company that markets the new driver told me this.

"Twenty-three years in the business and I have never seen shots hit so far. This new Armor Pierce Metal clobbers balls like a battering ram. There is absolutely no loss of energy at impact. All the juice goes into the ball. At high club-head speeds, it can actually break balls! And it's so easy to control."

A well-known professional we know tested the club for us during a tournament warm-up and was curling 300-yard shots around trees with such accuracy several of his competitors wandered over to try it. They were awed. But for their contracts, seven top pros could have been playing our Controller Driver in a national tournament that day. We would have sold thousands.

The Controller Driver's control comes from probably the biggest, most forgiving sweet spot in golf--and a scientific roll and bulge system that tames hooks and slices. A good golfer can draw and fade shots just like our famous friend.

An independent lab found that these features keep tee shots 78% closer to the centerline than a leading tour driver. We found this so starling we asked an outside consultant to test it among a group of real-life golfers. The results were just as startling. They landed four times-- four times-- as many tee shots within ten yards of the centerline with the Controller Driver than with their own drivers. The club's dynamite. No other driver-- titanium, mirage metal, whatever-- can touch its power and accuracy.

The Controller Driver's head is about the same size as the Great Big Bertha titanium driver and its shaft is 44-inch long for extra club-head speed. If you want to try it on the course or in a long-ball contest, the maker, NGC Golf, will let you keep the club for 30 days and return it for a refund, if its extra power doesn't help you cut 6 to 8 strokes off your score (if you average 85 or higher).

Oh, yes. If you swing a 120 MPH, carry some extra balls.


Driver, steel shaft.........................................................$149.95    
Driver, graphite shaft..................................................$179.95


Driver, TurboTip (big butt) graphite shaft...............$195.95



Give the new CONDOR® ball this year and you'll be the hit of the party while saving a bundle!

Shop now and enjoy the parties... you'll be giving every golfer on your list the best gift possible..shots that automatically go up to 22 yards farther!

We have fired up the Condor with a new titanium-enhanced core that bores the ball through the air like a Cruise missile. Once aloft, it soars even longer than before. Proof! An independent lab using a hitting machine certified that the Condor with its new Ti-Core out-flies fifteen of golf's best pro-line balls by up to 22 yards. If you're a golfer, that's a great gift!

There is no limit to how many dozens you can buy under this customer-only offer, so if you want to add a few dozen for yourself, as well as gift shop, now is the time to act. The offer expires at midnight December 31, 2001.

But I must warn you that we might run out of the Condors we have set aside for this promotion. In the past, some early buyers have ordered 100 - 200 dozen.

Whether it's for your own use, gifts or even profit, we're ready to ship, if you're ready to buy. Just don't wait too long to order.

1 dozen (white only)......................................$24.95


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