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Innovention Enterprises Ltd. has created the GustBuster family of umbrellas to fulfill a single purpose: to produce the finest wind proof umbrellas possible, and sell them at a price that offers the best value.

The GustBuster’s award winning design is PATENTED and wind tunnel tested, insuring you the best protection against the elements. Constructed of the finest quality materials and backed by a Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

The umbrella of choice in the world of Professional Golf. GustBuster’s Pro-Series Gold gives you even greater protection from the elements with a shaft that will not attract lighting.

Features a thick wall fiberglass shaft, comfort molded grip or wooden handle, and GustBuster’s Memory Rod Construction. The Pro-Series umbrella is unsurpassed!! Weather you’re an amateur or a Pro, The GustBuster Pro Series Gold is a great addition to your golf bag.

Gustbuster $49.99


Dry Grip 6 oz.
The Original - Simply The Best!

  • This will last all season!
  • One drop keeps hands dry
    in or out of the glove!
  • Goes on clear and non-sticky!
  • Even works on your forehead!
  • Works immediately!
  • Won't wash offin the rain!

Dry Grip 6 oz. $19.95


Know The Distance Range Finder

  • Know The Distance™ Provides an easy way to obtain the distance from the golf ball to a visible flag stick from any location on the golf course.
  • Made of durable styrene
  • Easy to use and fits in a pocket
  • Range distances from 40 to 190+ yards

How to Use Know the Distance

Hold the Know The Distance ™ golf range finder about two feet from your eye.

Aim it toward the flagstick, then snuggly align the actual flagstick so that it appears to touch the top and bottom black yardage marker lines as shown in the example at left.

Read the yardage distance (100 yards is shown in the example), then simply select your correct club for the known distance.

Know The Distance ™ can be used anytime you can see the flagpin and from any location on the course. It will help you lower your handicap!

Know The Distance Range Finder $7.95


StrikeAlert Personal Lightening Detection System
Early recognition that lightning
is approaching provides the best defense!

  • Detects Approaching Lightning Storms
    Warns of danger before you can see or hear it and gives you time to clear the area.

  • Audible Warning
    Loud warning sounds before (and while) lightning is within striking distance.

  • Easy-to-use Lighted Display
    See the lightening strike distance, track the storm's direction and view battery life.

  • Convenient Size and Weight
    Compact and rugged. Clips to your belt, golf bag or backpack. Take it with you wherever you go!
    3" high x 2" wide

  • Long Battery Life
    Up to 100 hours of reliable operation with a single AA Battery (included).

Eliminates Guessing
Lightening is visible at 3-4 miles away, and thunder is audible less than 3 miles away. Since the average lightening stroke is 6 miles long, the folklore equation about the distance of lightning based on counting seconds from the thunderstorm is an equation for trouble. If you can see or hear it, you are already in the Strike Zone. In fact, 75% of people who are struck by lightening are struck with blue sky overhead!

  • Lightening is the number one cause of storm related deaths.

  • There are approximately 100,000 thunderstorms in the US each year.

  • Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia and Colorado have the most lightening deaths and injuries.

StrikeAlert  $99.00

Bag Shag




Portable Weather Radio [WR102]

Don’t be caught off guard by storms, tornadoes, or other disasters. When traveling, boating, hiking, or working outdoors, Oregon Scientific's portable S.A.M.E. Weather Radio helps make sure you have the information you need to stay safe. Broadcasts tornado and storm alerts, forecasts, and warnings that could save your life. It can also be programmed to broadcast information pertinent to your local area only-- or other areas you're interested in (up to nine specific areas of your choice). Water resistant construction and superior Oregon Scientific technology make this the rugged choice for staying informed in outdoor conditions.

Actual size: 2.75x1.25x5.25
  • Monitors U.S. Emergency All Hazards and EAS weather bulletins, warnings and forecasts
  • S.A.M.E. reception feature allows you to select broadcasts for specific counties
  • Broadcasts tornado and storm alerts, forecasts and warnings
  • Water resistant construction
  • S.A.M.E. reception for up to six specific areas

Portable Weather Radio $94.95