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Golfer's Dream Magazine was founded by Michael Holder of Roswell, Georgia, an avid golfer who after working many years in sales and management decided to continue with his passion and love for the game of golf.

Fifteen years ago, the first issue of Metro Golfer Magazine premiered in Atlanta. The goal was provide readers with the best publication in Atlanta. Through trial and error, Metro Golfer evolved into one of the best metropolitan golf magazines in the country. In the mid 1990's Metro Golfer Magazine changed its name to Golfer's Dream Magazine and expanded to Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada and South Carolina.

Then the decision was made to transform Golfer's Dream Magazine into an online magazine and the growth has been phenomenal. It is now the largest online golf publication in the world and it continues to grow daily.

And although most readers like what they see, Golfer's Dream Magazine doesn't intend to just continue doing the same thing issue after issue. Our eyes are on the future and we will continue to improve and expand.

We want Golfer's Dream Magazine to be the best it can be. That's why we are listening to you, the golfer, for ideas and suggestions on how to make Golfer's Dream Magazine even better. We invite any suggestions you may have that will help to improve our product and actively solicit editorial contributions from those of you who are as dedicated to the game as we are.

Recently, we added several new features which we felt would expand our readers enjoyment. There is a new chat system, auctions, forums, classified, free golf-related software section and much more. And in the coming months we will be adding a lot of games for your enjoyment. And all these features are free to our readers.

A new member's program has been added which saves the average golfer over $1,000 per year. Members not only save on their golf expenditures but their travel, lodging and rental car expenses. We feel that this is the best program of its type in the industry. Not only does it offer members a tremendous savings on initial purchases but then it allows them the opportunity to deduct the balance as a business expense!

By mid-fall the new travel packages and tournaments will be announced. And there will be something to satisfy every golfers interest. And you will find that not only does Golfer's Dream Magazine offer travel packages, but packages that offer tremendous savings to our readers.

So enjoy your visit to Golfer's Dream Magazine and visit often!

Thanks for your support and rest assured that our staff will do whatever is necessary to guarantee you a quality golf magazine.

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