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Golfer's Dream Magazine Premium Home Page Link Exchange!

Golfer's Dream Magazine will exchange premium position "Home Page Links" with a maximum of 25 golf-related web sites. As you are probably aware reciprocal linking of this type is advantageous to both parties and plays an important role in search engine positioning!

If you feel your websites' readers would also enjoy the interactive community at Golfer's Dream Magazine, please use the free banners and copy-and-paste code below to link us up. Your readers will thank you!

Please note: By using the banners and code you agree not to alter the images or code itself in any way.

Feel free to use any of the images below for linking to Golfer's Dream Magazine. Once you have listed our site, please contact us at   Let us know the URL where we can find our banner and include the banner, image, or text you want placed on our "home page" along with the URL you want it directed to. We will send you a confirmation once your banner, image, or text has been placed. Please note that we will add your site to our main page only if you have linked to Golfer's Dream Magazine from your main page.

You may choose from several size choices of logos and banners for your use. Everything you need to link to the site is right here.

1. Choose from one of the following banners.
2. Click the "Get HTML Code" link.
3. Highlight the code under the banner.
4. Copy the code (usually Ctrl+C).
5. Open your page with any text editor.
6. Paste the code into your page (usually Ctrl+V).
7. Save your page.

Golfer's Dream Magazine Logo (size: 8 KB, dimensions: 300x95)
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Link Micro Button (size: 4 KB, dimensions: 88x33)
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